Lion Protect

Nano Technology

Lion Protect works exclusively with chemical nanotechnology.

We use the latest knowledge about

nano materials and combine it with organic and

inorganic chemistry. We do this for the purpose

of creating tailored products with new functional

surface properties.

We focus on four different functional properties,

and depending on the product you use, the

treated surface will be supplied with hydrophobic,

hydrophilic, easy2clean and/or antibacterial

properties. On the treated surfaces, the thickness of the nanolayer can vary from

10 nanometres to 100 micrometres.


All our end-users products under the name

“easy2use” always comply with the following

product requirements:

    • All users must be able to use the Lion Protect nano technology

             with an “aha experience” as the result,

             – with regard to the products’ applicability as

             well as their effect.

    • The packages with Lion Protect nano end-user products

             must be complete packages that include all

             necessary materials which makes them easy to

             use for the end-user.

    • The quality of each Lion Protect nano product and its

             functional properties must at least live up to

             the customer’s expectations.

    • The safety instructions must be continuously

             updated and at least live up to the latest legislation

             regarding chemicals, including REACH.